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Not Just a "Brush" - FurSweep Helps Your Pet With:

  • Less shedding

  • Dander reduction

  • Pest protection

  • Shinier coat

  • Undercoat care

  • Better bonding

The Go-To Groomer for Happy Pets and
Happy Owners

FurSweep takes all the hassle out of pet brushing like calming your pet and cleaning the brush. Brushing is now a fun, easy, and tidy experience to share with your pet. That’s why FurSweep is the number one recommended pet brush from groomers. Pets love it when it’s grooming time!

No more pulling out chunks of hair from metal brushes to clean it. FurSweep’s
rubber bristles retract, and the loose fur blows right off!

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Benefits of the FurSweep

...and the Reasons Why FurSweep Customers
Love to Brush Their Pets!

Harsh metal bristles are out - soothing rubber bristles are in! 51 rubberized bristles are like a
massage, and they bind to more fur and dander, making your pet look forward to brushing.

  • Saves the hassle of clean up with self-retracting bristles

  • Reduces allergies with less shedding and dander

  • Turns brushing into an important bonding experience

  • Makes your pet more comfortable and happy to groom

How we’ve brushed up on pet
grooming better than the rest

Why FurSweep Is The Best

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FurSweep uses new bristles and a new ergonomic shape that makes brushing your pet easy and fun for you, and even more delightful for your pet! See how FurSweep compares.


Metal Brush

Can scratch your pet

Rips hair out

Removes excess hair and fur

3 edges of deshedding

Safer rubberized bristles

Ergonomic handling

Cleans furniture, carpet, and
car interior

Can be used to apply oils and

Retractable bristles for easy
and safe cleanup

Fur wipes away in one swipe

The Easiest Way To Groom Your Dog

It's not just about removing fur.Brushing with Fursweeps makes your dog's coat smooth and shiny, plus it helps ward off pests and matted fur.

Safer than Metal Brushes

Typical metal brushes can scratch your pet's skin and they break your pet's fur. The rubber bristles on FurSweep are gentle to touch and they grip fur with friction - safety first!

Removing Fur Has Benefits for Health

FurSweep removes excess fur from the top coat, but it also helps remove the dead undercoat which helps keep your dog cool, comfortable, and healthy

A Delightful Experience for Your Pet

Pets love being brushed with the messaging rubber bristles of FurSweep. The gentle pressure increases circulation and dermal stimulation which makes a shiny, healthy coat.

The New Standard in Pet Grooming

When it comes to your pets, only the highest quality products will do. Brushing is vital for your pet’s coat and
their health, and our products make it easy and fun. Who says grooming has to be a chore? We say it’s a blast!

Keep your dog’s coat shiny
and healthy

Pet groomers all agree - maintaining a brushing routine at home is vital for a shiny coat and happy pet.

  • FurSweep is designed to put your pet’s comfort first
  • Avoid the mess of typical brushes - FurSweep makes clean-up a breeze

Increase Bonding with Your

Bonding with your pet makes them feel loved, and it makes you feel more loved, too!

  • Pets need regular attention to feel trust and love
  • Both of you feel happier when you get more quality time together

Your Pet Will Love Grooming

Your dog or cat might not love being brushed at first, especially if they’ve experienced metal brushes in the past. Take it slow at first, and your pet will feel the difference of FurSweep in just a session or two.

  • Both you and your pet will fall in love with grooming time

#1 Brush For Healthy Coats and Happy Pets!

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At FurSweep, we know pet grooming is about so much more than making your pet look nice. It keeps them healthier, increases bonding, and celebrates the friendship you have with your pet! With FurSweep, bonding through brushing is easier than ever before.

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Over 50,000 Pet Owners Love to Pamper
Their Pets with FurSweep

Laura R.


I have FurSweep in the large and small sizes, and both of them are great for deshedding my great dane. The metal bristles get a lot more hair than the rubber ones, and you can even use it on your furniture.

Jesse T.


I prefer this one waaaay more than the Furminator. Metal bristles are the way to go, and they’re a lot gentler for your dog. Also the retracting comb is amazing.

Christine S.


I feel outnumbered here because I have a cat, but the company said FurSweep is good for both dogs and cats. Sure enough, my finicky cat stays still (barely) for just enough time to get the hairs.

Jeremy A.


I groom dogs for a living and I always recommend this brush to my clients. They all love it too, especially with the easy cleanup.

Jennifer D.


I seriously hate cleaning fur off metal combs. This one is different because the combs retract and you can wipe the fur off. So much better.

Sarah T.


Ruby adores getting brushed with this! I know it’s brushing time when she starts yipping at the drawer where I keep it, I think she likes it more than I do.

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